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Ciao Italia

It may have been 10 weeks since we’ve been home (or is it 11? Wow), but despite the lateness, we were absolutely passionate about Italy’s beauty and all it had to offer. It was my favourite of our European destinations with incredible landscapes, rich history, delicious food (gelato, pizza and pasta… oh my) and wonderful, vibrant people.


Where the Capulet and Montagues were thought to live… this is Juliet’s balcony!


Romeo, romeo. Hmmm ok I'll take a Sean

Lake Garda

Definitely underrated, this was so gorgeous and we spent our few days here swimming, walking through old castles, cycling on the campsite rickety old bikes and I still think our best ice cream was found there…

Our five-star camping spot right on the lake... amazing!


Captain Ice Cream in Lake Garda with a very highly rated tub


So awesome. Just as amazing as I remembered it in 2001, Rome still has my heart. And this time I had the added bonus of sharing it with Sean, Tiff and Brendan! We had a fab time and talked our faces off. Big hearts for the Lee family!!


Sean and I out front of Piazza Venezia

Me and Tiff with a gladiator... they don't smile, but we do cheese!

Colosseum, amazingness...

Bren and Tiff do gelato... 5 scoops each in the oldest gelateria in Rome!

Me in the Vatican City

Sean out front of the Vatican, looking like an Italian Stallion, if I may...



Beautiful city! We spent the day roaming around the statues, bargaining at the markets, eating cannoli and gelato, and drinking very, very nice coffee. There may have been a couple rounds of cards too… we have now overcome that addiction. Busy, busy lives.


Helloooooo David

Florence probably won't ever score a triathlon... still, a beautiful day in a beautiful place


Cinque Terra

We had such a fantastic time here! We camped in probably the most scummy place of all, but as soon as we jumped on that train and got into Cinque Terra we were transported to the most breathtaking natural landscape of Italy that we saw. I could so relive that day we walked the length of the five towns… sunshine, swims, locks of love, schiaccetra (local wine), seafood spaghetti and a wonderful walk.


On the love throne, surrounded by the locks that seal your love awww

Perfect location for lunch... living the dream right there

Vernazza beauty, it doesn't get much better

Portofino, only for the rich and the famous, we were definitely blow ins


Sean soaking up Portofino goodness and a 7 euro coca cola... ouch


Free swim, the summer weather in Italy is perfect beach weather


Lake Como

The season being over, no George Clooney spotting and average weather may have contributed to the fact we weren’t wild about Lake Como. I preferred the gloriousness of Lake Garda but we still had fun, hiked up a storm, found more camp bicycles, yummy coffee, gelato (obvi) and even caught a car ferry for 15 minutes to get to the other side (instead of a 2-hour drive).


Another day, another meal conquered. This was a particularly good one as I welcome the return of chipmunk cheeks

And burning it off... climbing mountains

Huff puff, but what a spectacular view of Lake Como!


All smiles until we got lost and had to scale the mountain clutching handfuls of grass to edge ourselves down… not happy Prawn! Thought we were going to be stranded up there, scary stuff…


I'm the orange dot... zoom in and you may see me throwing expletives at Sean and crocodile tears rolling down chipmunk cheeks



Our last couple of days in Italy, spent next to Mont Blanc and it started to get very chilly! Even in our sleeping bags that go down to -5 degrees we were fuh-reeeezing. We slept in another amazing campsite, right next to the big mountains just outside of Courmayeur.


The peed off cows who were adorned with bells, fancy hats and all sorts for the annual cow festival that brings them down off the mountains

Walking the walk at our campground in Courmayeur

The final gelato of Italy in Courmayeur

And final delicious Italian coffee... Sean had two to stock up

And finally, our packed little car that was our home for so long. Little, brand spanking new Citroen, we heart you.


Stuffed to the gills! Pretty much our home and transport for 3 months. Lotta love right there.

And there you have it, long overdue and what a way to spend Boxing Day afternoon. Sure beats the cricket.

Ciao ragazzis! xoxo






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